Welding Challenge Award

Welding-Connects-the-World-banner2016The Welding Challenge Award  to be held at the Vietnam Industrial & Manufacturing Fair 2017, Binh Duong Convention & Exhibition Center. Thank you for your ongoing support of the The Welding Challenge Award which is brought to you by sponsor and organizer, generous industry support and the Welding Committee.

The Welding Challenge Award is aimed at technicians working and/or training in the welding industry at an advanced or higher level. Please note there is no limit for The Welding Challenge Award competitor entry, however Competitor entry to the Final will be by invitation only.

To ensure that competitors are given the best opportunity to compete, not only at regional and national level, but also at international competitions, we have made some changes to the competition structure and it will now run as an annual competition. We feel this will give more trainee welders the opportunity to participate in the competition, raise the skill level of competitors attending semi-finals (previously called regional heats), assist with competitors’ progression and enhance the ‘competition experience’.

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